Canoeing and canyoning in the South Ardèche

Canoe hire in the Ardèche

Canoeing is an essential activity in the Ardèche.

With EASY RIVER, you will discover the upstream part of the Ardèche. Less known and less frequented than Vallon-Pont-d'Arc, this part of the river offers tranquillity, magnificent landscapes, and passes through the village of Balazuc... A walk along the water in harmony with the Ardèche nature, its cliffs and its small rapids, largely accessible to families.
During this trip, you will mix paddling, swimming, picnic and discovery of our beautiful Ardèche.


Canyoning in Ardèche

Discover the Ardèche in a different way with the practice of canyoning.
For the pleasure of the whole family, move in the river bed by walking, sliding, swimming and jumping. An experience in the heart of nature in the Ardèche to discover places that are difficult to access and to observe the vegetation and landscapes shaped by the water. Along the way, you will move through the river, passing obstacles, narrow passages, natural slides, jumps, and you will have to swim to cross pools of varying depths.