Leisure activities nearby

In the heart of the Ardèche, near Aubenas and its shops, there are marvelous beauty spots to explore with a 40km radius.

01POI The oppidum of Jastres
02POI Thueyts Devil's Bridge
03POI The Jaujac basalt flow organ
04POI The regional park of the Monts d'Ardèche
05POI Souilhol volcano and its hike in Meyras
06POI The Arc Bridge
07POI The Ray Pic waterfall
08POI Mont Gerbier de Jonc
09POI Païolive Wood
10POI Canoe in Balazuc
11POI Canoe in Vogüé
12POI Canoeing in Saint Maurice d'Ardèche
13POI Canyoning
14POI Climbing in Chabane
15POI Climbing in Courpatas
16POI Climbing in Balazuc
17POI Climbing in Lavilledieu
18POI Potholing
19POI Via ferrata
20POI The Chauvet cave 2
21POI Aven d´Orgnac
22POI The MuséAl
23POI Silk museum in Largentière
24POI Moulinage Ecomuse in Chirols
25POI Medieval Castle of Montreal
26POI Aubenas and its castle
27POI Balazuc
28POI Vogüé
29POI Labeaume
30POI Vals-les-bains
31POI Antraigues-sur-Volane and the Jean-Ferrat house
32POI Alba-La-Romaine and its castle
33POI Ruoms
34POI Vallon-Pont-d’Arc
35POI Les Vans
36POI Mirabel
37POI Saint Michel de Boulogne
Camping le Verger de Jastres